Monday, 1 February 2010


This is how I feel. Mondays are never a good day. Work work work housework, work, I'm tired and I need carbohydrates. Or coffee. Or something. Ok I'm a wuss. I have had a horrible bitty sort of day not doing anything properly, and half the time getting nothing done, while getting further behind all the time in the things I am meant to do.

Off to the gym shortly - can't believe I am on week three of the c25k program. Not sure that I'll get past it (and week four looks positively terrifiying) but I suppose I can try. . . The scales at the gym are working again so I get to weigh in tonight and print a little ticket with my weight.

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A girl running said...

Hi I am currently on week one of C25K, we lived in spain a few years ago and my husband decided one day to run, he was very heavy and unfit. he started the C25K within 7 months he lost 25 kilos and we flew to Switzerland so he could run a 78km race thru the alps! I wish I had his motivation but I seem to struggle a lot