Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tight band

Talking of capricious bands, mine has been ok since my last fill, but this morning is very tight. I woke up hungry and wanted something filling, so tried to have some home made (fairly well blended) soup. Nope. It is not going down.

To be fair, I guess, my band is always tighter in the morning and maybe that was a daft thing to try to have for breakfast (I normally only have coffee). So I have given up on the soup and am about to have coffee.

I'm not normally hungry in the mornings, I have most of my calories between 4pm and 10pm most days, so maybe my band likes to keep it that way. Do most bandsters eat breakfast?


THE DASH! said...

My band is like that too - it prefers its calorie load between about 7 and bedtime - painful. And soup for brekkie? Yuck lol. I think coffee will do me just fine xx

Catherine55 said...

I do -- yogurt pretty much every day.

Bandster said...

@Lol Cara, you are right, I am not sure what possessed me to try to have soup - I think maybe I was craving salt. But I've learned my lesson

@Catherine - yoghurt is a good idea - why didn't I think of that? Nice and smooth so it should go down easily, and better than just coffee. Thanks for the tip!