Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Slow going

I am not losing weight very fast - sigh. Down to 9 stone 11 and kind of stuck there. I have been snacking on high calorie foods in the evenings, which alas, will go through my band no matter how tight it is, and have stayed stubbornly at the same weight for a week.

Need to try harder.

But I am feeling reasonably positive and hope to shift the scales this week. At least I'm not going upwards :-)

I guess I will always have to battle with my weight - if I blink I'll be back up to 15+ stone !

Sending hugs to the bandsters who are facing possible cancer diagnoses, hope your fears are blown away and that everything is benign.

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Dinnerland said...

Hi there-- fast isn't necessarily best for weight loss!! Just keep on keeping on and chin up, ok?
You're doing great and keep posting, the good the bad and the ugly.
It's a lifetime of work to stay fit-- but you are already so far on the journey!!