Monday, 22 February 2010


I've never posted personal pics here, not cos I don't want y'all to see what I look like, but cos I don't want certain people from real life reading this and giving me a load of cr*p - and sadly, yes, I do know people who would do that if they recognised me.

But, having been inspired by some amazing before and after pics from fellow bandsters, I'm going to post anonymised pics. Apologies for not showing my real self, but not everyone I know in real life is as kind, accepting or decent as the bandster community.

Stand by for pics. . .!


THE DASH! said...

Oooh I'm special!! I already know what you look like ;) I totally get the 'anonymous' thing though... I keep waiting for someone to bust me.. eek!!

Bunny said...

So where r they then??? LOL Thanks for your messages hun, I appreciate it. The fill lady is called Jane Wilkinson and if you google that name + lap band it comes up with her website. Shes been really cool over the last few days as things are DODGY with a capital DODGE!

Anyway, I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award hee hee... so you have to do the honors now.