Saturday, 29 December 2007

15 days post op

Didn't weigh myself today for fear of what I'd discover.

I am very very weary and fatigued. CDB warned me that the blood transfusion would leave me tired for 3 - 4 weeks and it has. There is so much I'd like to be doing with the children this holidays, but mostly I'm just lying around. Went to sleep last night at 10pm and didn't waken till nearly 11am; I'm not being lazy (which would be quite possible :-) I am medically exhausted.

Then I got up and ate some chocolate - not a wise decision, but lunch didn't stay down at all. So maybe that makes up for it calorie wise.

now later afternoon and I still don't feel like food, just like sleep. Oh well, here's hoping next Christmas is very different :-)

There is no way I am feeling strong enough for exercise right now; and I'm beginning to wonder if the scar on my tummy will have healed enough for CDB to access the port on the 11th. Don't fancy an injection into a raw scar - tho maybe the port isn't there exactly, I can't feel it.

Do many of you feel yours?

I get depressed reading about people who are two stone down two weeks out; I am not going that way at all; but then I don't have much mental energy to put into healthy eating or exercise; I am more just in survival mode right now


Lilynolife said...

Wow, I have read all through your journey and you surely had a tough ride. I was banded in Belguim in October and apart from fainting in the loo after the surgery, the start of my journey has been a breeze. Having said that I am now struggling to lose the weight and also have a fill booked for 11 January, however my surgeon does his fills in London. Good luck as you continue your journey, I'm sure you'll be feeling great before you know it.

Bandster said...

Thanks for stopping by - do you have a blog or journal?