Thursday, 27 December 2007

Stitches - this is me 10 days out

Went to the NHS nurse at my local surgery to have my stitches out today. Might as well have stayed home.

First thing she said was "oh, you haven't got any stitches".

Oh yes I do, I showed her one inch of plastic sticking out of a wound.

Oh. . .but these are dissolvable

No, they are not (I've had dissolvable stitches before, and these weren't; plus CDB had told me they weren't)

Oh. Oh well, I just pull.

And pull she did. One stitch came out; she snapped the ends of two others and assured me that the last two were so tight there was nothing they could do.

Would the wounds heal with stitches still in them, I asked.

Oh, not sure.

Would they get infected?

Oh, not sure.

What do I do now?

Oh nothing. Maybe they come out, maybe they stay in.

Very comforting, not.

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Honeydune said...

Hello I am honeydune on wlsinfo - you kindly left me a link to this site I just can't beleive how silmialre we are this happened to me three days ago - Unreal... the nures told met that my body would reject the stictch or it would just stay there. I have two of them one has heald the other is working at it.