Friday, 21 December 2007


Finally Sunday I got up and dressed - took a while, and started walking round the corridors a bit, to make sure I could actually walk faster than our tortoise (we have a pet at home). It was painful, but I didn't feel too weak.

The blood transfusion had obviously given me extra strength.

The hospital called a taxi for 12.45 to take me to Bruxelles Midi, and I went down to reception to wait, and took some shots of the hospital:


Outside the hospital:

There was a bit of a hiccup in that the taxi which was meant to take me to Bruxelles Midi had been told he was to take me to the station at Vilvoorde, and he had no intention of changing his mind. So he dropped me in Vilvoorde. Since it was daylight I felt fairly confident about doing the journey (and saving myself 60 Euros in the process:-)

Once I was on the platform I realised why (in daylight) people say you can't miss the Campanille. . . and felt rather foolish that I hadn't found it easily when I arrived on Thursday.

It was an uneventful trip back - tho I admit to travelling first class (never done that in my life either :-) Because I had to buy a ticket at short notice (my original £29.50 ticket was only valid for Saturday) it was going to cost £154 anyway, and for £200 I could go first class - and save myself from being cramped into a corner like I was on the first journey - the journey went fast, and I met dh at St Pancras very quickly.

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