Monday, 17 December 2007

D Day

Or D day minus one.

I am off in a few minutes to the station to meet dh (dear husband) at London Bridge, for Eurostar at 12pm, Brussels 16.03 etc.

Weight this morning was 91.12kg - BMI 31.9. So I suppose I am within limits, depending on height and clothing. Kind of wish I wasn't. I feel like if I had stuck to the "pre op diet" for more than a week I might have lost enough to take my BMI under 30 - but then I might not have been eligible for the op, and sure as eggs is eggs (where does that saying come from) I'd have put all the weight back on as soon as I knew the operation was off

I'm a hopeless dieter, it wasn't until I only had 8 days left till the op that I got round to dieting and all I did was take appetite supressants (they work for me short term), and drink Cambridge Diet sachets (to make sure I get all my vitamins etc) (The Cambridge Diet also works for me short term, till I have a crisis of some sort, or get fed up or down or lonely or hassled, then Food comes along promising instant help, relief, and comfort and every time I believe it, and slam, into a week long binge I go (or more than a week) and any weight lost comes straight back on

As of today, Thursday 13th, I haven't had anything to eat for just ages, (just diet drinks) don't think I will have much today. I don't like eating while travelling esp while stressed - IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which rarely bothers me, might rear it's ugly head and leave me rushing around looking for loos in foreign places.

I hate the waiting to go somewhere like this, once I've made up my mind I like to go now, and I am bound to be far too early. Why am I always far too early? Hope I don't die too early.Will report back later, DV (Deo Volenti, if God will)

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