Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Last Supper

I didn't take my camera to the Campanille restaurant, which is probably a shame, since it nearly was my last supper. I ordered the "special of the day" - cordon bleu chicken, and it arrived rather burnt on the outside (deep fried) but after a couple of mouthfuls I realised it was raw on the inside.

I am not an assertive person normally, but after ten mins of poking it, comparing it to past experiences of cooked chicken, etc, I called the waitress and apologised for the food being raw. She said nothing, returned to the chef, and left me waiting for 20 minutes. She then brought me a new one of the same.

I said I was sorry, there is no way I could think of eating that dish again - having nightmares of food poisoning. It would be a shame to have got so near, and then go down with I-ate-raw-chicken-and-got-food-poisoning.

So I ordered an omlette, which took another 20 minutes, and the chef himself brought it to me.

I'm not criticisin the Campanille, these things happen with that sort of ready-prepared food; but I wish I'd taken photos; it wasn't just a little pink; it was plain white sort of translucent uncooked chicken. Bleugh. And I'd eaten some of it.

The omlette was great, but I'd kind of lost my appetite by then and left most of it. I noticed a largish man near me order soup and two omlettes and immediately wondered if he was having WLS or a band adjustment, since that is bandster kind of food. Or maybe I was being paranoid.

I have to say I did look hopefully at everyone with a BMI over 30, just in case they were going to CDB or the hospital same as me, but no luck. I don't think CDB had any English patients except me on Friday. But then, as it turned out, I kept him busy enough!

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