Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Vilvoorde at last - Campanille

Just when I was beginning to catch my breath, and relax knowing I was on the Vilvoorde train, there were all these "Dames en Herren" announcements, followed by the same again in French and I couldn't work out what was happening.

The train was stopped for about half an hour, but thankfully two young Asian girls opposite me translated, and explained that there was a technical fault with the train in front and we'd be sitting tight till that could be resolved.

Wheew, at least we didn't have to change trains, etc.

I finally got into Vilvoorde about an hour late, and set off for the Campanille Hotel, which "you can't miss".

LOL, when I saw it later in daylight, I agree, but it was dark, I was tired, hungry, dehydrated and kind of losing touch with reality. The effect of being alone in a strange place when you aren't used to that.

Wandered around for ages, looking for said hotel, but in the end swallowed my pride, went back to the station and asked a young woman, who spoke good American English. She explained I'd been going completely the wrong way, and that I had to go out, turn right, go under the bridge and turn right at the lights. Dat klopt (that worked!)

So I arrived - nice little hotel, like a Travelodge, but nicer I thought. At last, safely in one place for a while. Big sighs of relief.

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