Friday, 21 December 2007


After I was settled back in my ward and the nurses were told what the ultrasound had shown, they went to ring CBD, must have been around 7 or 8pm.

Nurse came to check my bp and said "oh that is a lot better" - so I looked and it was up to 90/45 . . .now I wouldn' call that a lot better, but they thought so.

Just need to take more blood, they said; and this time since my veins had completely collapsed round my elbow, they used my wrist. That is a sore place to take blood (I mean the front of the wrist where you can see all your veins and where people try to comitt suicide, not the back of my hand which would have been bad enough) ( it hurt. it hurt a lot; but since I was getting better, then that was ok, I could cope with it)
But for the moment I was getting better, the bleeding was slowing and the scan had shown it did not appear I was losing blood for any major reason and my bp was up; on the mend. Really glad, could have been worse. Called dh in England with update, tho was very weak trying to speak to him.
Just wanted to sleep, asked for sedation but nurse said no, she had to log my reactions every time she saw me. So I settled down for the night, they got me an extra blanket - low iron makes me cold, and I was hoping to sleep. . .tomorrow would be another better day, DV

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