Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Got the taxi the 5 mins or so to the AZ Jan Portaels Hospital.
I was checked in quickly and from reading the list upside down while the check in lady typed my details, I could see that CDB had two patients that day, the other lady had checked in before me (so I suppose I was going to be even later)

(lifts at the waiting area)This poster about hygiene says "You are in good hands" - I thought it was amusing; I hoped I was in good hands!

Was quickly taken to a waiting room, then to a very clean, tidy and spacious (if you are used to London hospitals) ward. On reflection, to be fair to our NHS, most hospitals (if not all . . .) I've ever been in here have been old. They were built in the Victorian era a lot of them, or the 60s or 70s; or they've been converted from some other equally elderly building, so no matter how "upgraded" they've been, they still can't look as impressive as a bright, shiny new purpose built hospital is bound to look.

It was here it struck me rather forcibly that the "tourist" bit of my journey was over. My worries were no longer how to find trains or buses, or how to avoid getting my 4000 Euros pickpocketed. From now on, I was a patient; and my worries were surgery, anaesthesia and how to survive it; and then pain and how to manage it.

Very quickly I was no longer a person, but a patient with a number and a wrist tag.

And a risk factor.

The nurse explained that we all had our own sink to avoid infection - the room has three beds and the fourth corner is the toilet/sink area. One of the nurses groaned about the lack of space given to each patient . . lol it seemed a lot of space to me.

I took a couple of pics of my tummy pre op - no holes or cuts or stitches. Tho plenty stretch marks from pregnancy. . .if this grosses you out you might want to stop here! Or if you are interested, scroll down. . . . I'll post post op ones too, God willing.

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