Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Battle

I realise now this is not a physical process, but a mental one.

The band is making me stop and consider what I am putting into my stomach; before I just ate - while talking, watching TV, typing, reading - I never eat meals at the table if I can help it, I am always too busy.
And when you eat without thinking you over eat. Or I do.

Now I really need to get my head round some sort of eating plan. All my life (my mom wasn't great for routines or discipline of any kind - we never ate regular meals, brushed our teeth or tidied our rooms) so I've grown up just eating what I feel like when I want.

The concept of three meals a day just doesnt' exist for me - tho, strangely, I am very careful to make the children eat 3x a day sitting at the table. I just don't do it with them.I need to plan ahead what I am going to eat, and stick to it.

That will be hard for me, I have no self discipline. But I also have no excuse not to.

If I am going to graze all day on whatever takes my fancy, my band is not going to work. And that is a very painful thought

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