Monday, 14 January 2008

Back from Belgium

Following that last miserable post I decided to get a taxi to the train station, so at least I wouldn't start of soaking wet. Had a further mini crisis when I didn't realise that dh wanted to meet me in London to go with me to St Pancras, to chat; and so I had my mobile off.

Which left him thinking I'd been abducted by aliens, since he was sure we'd made firm plans to meet up. We might have, I was tired and harassed and so was he the night before, and it was just one of these mix ups that happen. I didn't realise he'd been waiting for me for 40 mins at a different station till I was checked into the Eurostar terminal, and ready to leave. Oops.

Interesting, as soon as I realised he was harrassed/worried about me, I immediately felt guilty (tho it wasn't my fault) and bought a large bar of chocolate and ate it. I also managed a large ham sandwich, so restriction was pretty minimal.

Arriving at Bruxelles Midi I was very proud of myself when I managed to read the timetables and find the right platform for the Vilvoorde train, leaving in about five minutes. Thankfully I double checked before I got on it and discovered the timetable I'd been reading didn't apply to the train I would have got on - I was reading the weekends and public holidays timetable.

Ouch. Glad I checked.

They have double decker trains in Belgium . . why not in London - think of the problems it would solve? Came to the conclusion that we have too many tunnels. And I can't work out if the graffiti is real vandalism or deliberate art, since all the trains seem to have it round the doors. .

Arrived safely at Vilvoorde and found the hotel quite easily this time :-) and just as I was going out to CDB's I met C from the WLS forums who was in the next room. She and a friend arrived at his before I'd been seen and we got chatting. Only one of us had lost much weight since the op (and it wasn't me) but I guess everyone reacts differently to different levels of restriction, C was definitely more restricted than I've been.
CDB checked my notes, and filled me up to 3.5ml, told me to go back to the hotel and eat fish or pasta. We all went back together and I ate an omlette, which went down fine. Then I went back to my room and finished the bar of chocolate, and took two sleeping pills and slept blissfully till my wake up call woke me.

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