Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Not a good day

I am not having a good day. Various family issues mean I've been dying for some "comfort food" - and even tho I can't eat it, I've been trying to eat it. I don't know why I feel so desperate for food, head hunger is killing me.

And I've got quite a pain in my chest from where my hiatus hernia was stitched up - which probably isn't helped by the vomitting.

Bundle of fun today, amn't I?

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Lilynolife said...

Oh dear, I hope things start to look brighter soon. I guess you could turn ur inability to eat into a positive, in so much as your band is forcing you to readdress how you deal with stress and any other issues that lead you back to your 'old ways'... If not now, then soon ;o)

Think how bad u'd be feeling if you were able to eat and had then undone all your hard work just to have the texture of your comfort foods in your mouth for a few seconds...

You need to give yourself time to adjust and embrace the positive changes that your band brings to your life...

Hope today is brighter x