Friday, 4 January 2008


Getting a little worried here. .

I have this sharp nagging pain - like a stitch in your side from school days of running round a track or something, only on my left, much further up, under my ribs; can't touch it with my hands, it is under my ribs (doesn't feel like heart pain, grin, not that I would know, but more like a stitch in your side that you get from exercising too much or too soon after eating)

It is definitely related to eating, worse when I've eaten.

I had had it occasionally pre op (maybe like ten times in my whole life) now I get it several times a day, and it is much worse.

Have I done soemthing awful like disolodged my band completely?? Or what is this pain??

Is it a hint that I am eating too much? Grin, I guess it is definitely that, cos I can now eat almost exactly what I did pre op. And I wouldn't have had this op if my eating was in moderation.

Some positions - like sitting over the PC - make it worse; it feels like trapped wind in a place wind never gets trapped.

Ouch. I guess I have plenty qs to ask CDB when I see him.

My wound is about 2mm more closed up, but still blistered with infection, despite my antibiotics.

I am on 500mg x4 a day of Flucloxacillin which, according to Wikipedia is used for Bacterial infections of the skin and soft tissue, such as infected ulcers, wounds or burns,

but ineffective against MRSA. So here's hoping I have a fairly common or garden wound infection, not MRSA.

But in the mean time, the problem is this &^%$^^*!! pain

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