Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Got over one obstacle!

Today I had to meet my sister, whom I rarely see, she lives hundres of miles away. She'd wanted to meet me for lunch, but I managed to wiggle out of that, and agreed to meet her for some shopping and then to have afternoon tea.

I still can't eat without food burping back up, so I was very pleased that I managed to eat some of the offered apple and almond tart and drink all my apple and melon juice. Never even felt like I was going to be sick, so that was good.

I must have walked miles round the shops with her, and then I got to stand all the way home on the train, so hopefully I'll have worked off some calories.

When I got home I was starving and tried to eat some pretty mushy cauliflower in cheese sauce, but it didn't stay down. I've managed to have two cups of chicken noodle slim-a-soup. I must need the salt, as I find I crave them more than chocolate or anything sweet.

I'll have some crackerbread later on, with soft light cheese. My diet is horribly predictable. And I don't think I've lost any weight tho I going to keep off the scales till Friday, honest!

I don't really care if I only lose a pound a week, so long as I keep losing it. Slow and steady will do me ok; but I'm scared I might not have lost any. The six pounds lost shown on my ticker is from before the pre op diet.

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Lilynolife said...

Well done on getting through the day and your positive attitude is an inspiration. Keep up the good work.