Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I've finally gotten over the mega tight restriction, so can safely cancel my appt for tomorrow. I still have tight restriction, but can drink a glass of water over half an hour or so, without bringing any of it back up. So that is good.

Caught up with lilynolife's blog, and it is interesting to see the different experiences people have. I now have 5 mls in my band, having had a double fill (two fills in two days, so it is kind of like one fill), and 5mls is very very different from 3.5mls.

Yesterday I tried some soft food (weight watchers fish pie) but I don't think any of it stayed down. I find it hard to give up and move away from the food (or move the food away from me) even once some of it has come up. I feel like I ought to try to finish it. But I realise bringing food up isn't good for my band, so I need to try to stop that.

I did manage to eat about half a biscuit (I bought them in Belgium for the family) and that definitely stayed down. So long as I eat really slowly.

Not that I really want or need to be able to eat biscuits! Pasta, fish and minced meat all still refuse to go down, as do even the noodles in chicken noodle soup (slim a soup variety) - I have to scoop them all out with my spoon before I try to drink it.

I'm happy so far. Very happy that it has eased enough to same me going for an unfill, and that I am able to drink fluids. I expect that over the next few days/weeks I'll move on to eating soft foods.

Weight wise. . hard to tell if I've lost any, since dehydration always makes it look as tho you've lost weight.


Lilynolife said...

Glad your now able to drink. Its interesting that different doctors have different approaches. After an adjustment we are told fluids for at least one day, to allow the band to adjust. I have also heard of fluids only for up to a week after an adjustment. It was therefore interesting to read ur doc had told u to go away and eat pasta after ur first fill. I wonder what is right? Guess we'll never really know.

Glad you enjoyed my blog, I have a general blog with photos and general ramblings, so I really enjoy your photos.

Keep up the good work, you'll be melting before you know it.

Bandster said...

I think because he knew I was contemplating coming back in the morning for another fill, he wanted to see how I coped with real food. If I'd just had fluids, then I wouldn't really have known if I had much restriction or not.

So when I came back the next day and said, yes, I can eat soft food easily, he gave me another fill.

He did say then to stick to fluids for a couple of days if we could.

I didn't realise I'd be stuck to just fluids for so long.

Bandster said...

PS glad you like the photos.