Monday, 14 January 2008


It is now Monday evening and it's hard to say what my food intake has been. I've tried a few things, but nothing stays down but clear fluids, and even those only stay down, 10mils at a time, it feels like.

I have tried to drink several types of soup, none of which got past my band; and am sipping hot apple juice to try to get some fluid/nutrition into me. I feel ok (I think), tho I do wonder how much longer I can stay like this and feel ok.

It is hard to know (apologies is this is gross) how much of what I swallow stays swallowed - I keep trying in the hope that some will stay down. But maybe that is making my stomach more irritated and therefore tighter. . .

I had a good patch around lunchtime when I managed to have about 50mls of soup in half an hour, that encouraged me that maybe the band was loosening up a little, but if it was it isn't any more. I am burping up saliva right now, and it's well past 48 hrs after my second fill.

I have an appt booked with Dr De Bruyne (did you know there is a De Bruyne Street by the station? You do now: -) on Thursday in London.

I am not sure what to do, should I hold out at getting about half a litre of fluid (maybe 750mls max, but no, it is more like 500mls max) to stay down each day, and expect to feel better in a week (I mean to be able to drink more) or should I go to see him and get a defill of my band.

I have 5mls in a 9ml band, and . . .well, tomorrow I am going to measure everything I drink and keep down (note to self, be content with 10mls an hour, it is better than constantly throwing it back up.) (note to self from self, 10mls an hour is only 240mls a day, assuming I waken every hour to drink. . .you need more than that to stay alive)
By this time tomorrow I guess I'll know a bit more - is the band going to loosen, or do I need it defilled.
I really really don't want to keep toing and froing getting fills and unfills and refills and defills. But is this level of restriction sustainable? No. But I'm hoping it is going to loosen on its own.
But is it? Time is a great prophet.

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