Monday, 28 January 2008

What I ate yesterday

One cup of slim a soup for breakfast.

Tried at lunchtime to eat some Sunday dinner liquidised, but that didn't work. Settled for trying to eat some potatoes mashed up with lots of gravy, but that didn't work either.

Ate a bar of Fry's chocolate cream in disgust (that stayed down) and later had a glass of orange and mango smoothie (not home made, and quite calorific, but it is easy to drink, and has to be good for me)

That was all eaten before 2pm. In church at about 7pm I was starving (really really starving I mean) and my tummy was rumbling terribly - I was hoping no one could hear! Came home and had a tin of Heinz Chicken Soup and three crackerbreads with what was left (about a teaspoonful) of my Philadelphia cheese.

Went to bed still hungry! But didn't weigh myself this morning - yay!


Lilynolife said...

Hi H, Not sure who's journey I would prefer right now... your's or mine. Having said that the idea of liquidised roast dinner is more than I can bear... But good luck to you for trying ;o) Alas melted chocolate is considered liquid.. thats why it goes down! Grrrr...

As for hungar... I wonder sometimes if I'm hungry physically or is it head hungar! For me I thinks it in my head and down to bad habits...

Keep on going, you're doing great.. and remember it'll all be worth it in the end.

L x.

Bandster said...

I'm afraid I don't have to wonder. Unless my tummy rumbles it is prob head hunger and it has hit me really bad these last 24 hrs.

Horrible horrible horrible.

Thanks for the support, I really do appreciate it :-)

Bandster said...

PS - are you losing weight eating your way? If you are, I think I'd like to swap (grin)

Lilynolife said...

I am losing weight, not as quickly as i'd like but i'd rather be able to eat and lose than not eat... I'm sure everything for you will sort itself out and u'll find urself melting x