Thursday, 3 January 2008

Stitches again

Still got a wound that won't heal, and a bit of poking around with tweezers located some black stitching. I pulled with all my might (think story of the enormous turnip :-) as did dh, but we could not get it out.

Finally rang the local surgery, who at times seem to exist to make sure that no one gets and medical treatment at all. . . who grudgingly gave me an evening appointment.

Saw a new (youngest there) doc who was actually quite interested in my condition (rather than looking at his watch every half minute like my previous GP did) , and who agreed that yes, there definitely was a stitch in the wound and worse, he was pretty sure it was infected.

Got the stitch out, he said it was "long term dissolvable" and doing no good at all, so might as well come out. I am now on antibiotics, hoping desperately that they work before my proposed double fill in Belgium in 8 days time. . .


Ken said...

You sound better today, definitely more upbeat.
Remember that when things are at their worst "this too will pass."
Take caution in the double fill approach, try to temper your enthusiasm for a quicker result with the benefits gained from a slow steady sustained approach. The weight loss with a band should be considered a two year journey.
Pushing it too quick increases the risk of side effects.
Dont apologise for not being bigger - you are just as entitled.Even if dopey docs dont understand what a complex multi-faceted disease obesity is. BTW is the GP who wasnt helpful a millionaire - he should be with the cure for obesity.
When life offers you the shitty end of the stick sometimes you have to grab with both hands. Its a steep learning curve but at least we are all on it together.
Time was I used to write like this all the time but never seem to have the time.
Try to keep things in the day.

Bandster said...

Thanks Ken, and I know you are right about taking the long term approach. . .it is just that I'm kind of a bit under pressure at home to prove that this was money well spent.